Before I start, I wanna shout-out to EVERYONE that is graduating or graduated (Upstate) this year. Four years flew by but now yall have something to count for it: a college degree. I was once told by my biology professor that less than 1% of the world’s population has a college education and to have it and utilize it is a right & not a privilege. I’m proud of all of yall and wish you more success in life. Oh and shout-out to the December c/o ’10 (that’s when I’m getting out)!!!!! WE NEXT!!!

Since we are on the subject of college, the college edition of S2L is gonna be dedicated to three albums:

The College Dropout,
Late Registration,
& Graduation

Yes I am a fan of Kanye’s work & kinda understand the arrogance he has (I think he is misunderstood–musically & personality-wise), but even if you aren’t a fan or just listen to the songs you hear on the radio you will like at like 6 of the tracks on each of these albums. The titles of the albums do imply something to do with college but the tracks deal with situations outside of the classroom. Here are some tracks that you should give a listen (even though you should listen to the whole album lol):

The College Dropout:
-We Don’t Care – a college student’s theme song
-Spaceship – for all of the working students (i used to bump this while putting shipment up @ Journeys)
-Jesus Walks – deals with faith, talking to God, & social issues which everybody does in school
-The New Workout Plan – something to lose that freshman 15 to lol
-School Spirit – greek life on campus
-Through the Wire – just when you’re about to throw in the towel, bump this (“unbreakable/whatchu think they called me Mr. Glass?”)
(this album got me through freshman year in college…real talk)

Late Registration:
-Touch the Sky – listen just b/c Lupe’s on it! lol nah but its a pretty inspirational song
-Drive Slow – a nice song to ride out to
-Roses – talks about losing his grandmother and dealing with it plus Patti does her thing on this song!
-Addiction – every guy can relate to this song & its a nice sample from Etta James
-Hey Mama – just in time for Mother’s Day
-all of the Broke Phi Broke interludes – DeRay is a fool but we are essentially broke in college (but not that broke lol)

-Good Morning – best song to wake up to go to class
-I Wonder – has a deep meaning behind it so you might have to listen to it more than once (one of my favs)
-Can’t Tell Me Nothing – shuts the haters up everytime & a good song to get some school work done to (WARNING: you might get crunk listening to it lol)
-Flashing Lights – the beat? immaculate the lyrics? remarkable (one of my favs) & bumps in the car/club
-Everything I Am – makes your reflect on life so far
-Homecoming – now that you graduated, you can come home