A couple of songs have been STUCK in my head and the main one has been Drake’s new single. “Find Your Love” was produced my Yeezy (Kanye for you ppl who don’t know lol) and sounds like something that would’ve been on the ‘So Far Gone’ mixtape. Drake me a stupid decision (in my opinion) and signed to Young Money but hopefully they will let him have complete control over the direction of his new album ‘Thank Me Later’. Listen & comment!!!!

Another song that has been stuck in my head is “Break-Up Song” by Wale. I have no idea who produced it but they sampled one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs–“All I Do”. Not alot of folk down south know about Wale outside of “Pretty Girls” but he is an artist worth looking into. Check out his debut album ‘Attention Deficit’.

I’ll share more tracks later. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS!!!!