Over the past few years, Vh1 has gotten a face lift to improve ratings, appeal to a younger audience, & also to hop on the reality TV train that we thought would’ve ended many years ago. The target race that most of these new shows are about happen to be African-American (smh). The one show that started Vh1 down a destructive yet sadly successful path: Flavor of Love. After one season of this coonery, more and more and more and more shows that follow the same blueprint began to emerge. At one point in time, Vh1 had a plethora of these shows that you could view all day & night.

I took a Blacks in Film class this past semester and started seeing the pattern of exploitation of blacks in movies, start to show up in TV shows. The way that we are portrayed is more sad then funny. Fighting, cussing, aggressive, oversexual, unintelligent, and money-hungry is how we are been shown and it is destroying our image. Most people would say that you can’t generalize these shows to the entire black community but everyone knows that we would rather see someone fail than succeed and since money is the root of all evil, these shows will keep coming which will do nothing but add to negative stereotypes of blacks. Also we do have those select people who have dreams of becoming famous by simply selling their soul for a dollar. ATTENTION: MODERN DAY MINSTRELY IS NOT THE WAY TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL & RESPECTED!!!!

Personally, I’m tired of seeing my people depicted like this. It so sad and humiliating–a.k.a. coonery. This modern-day shuckin’ & jivin’ doesn’t sit right with me since we are already fighting against so many odds already. These shows are just adding to these odds and making it harder & harder everyday to overcome them because of a preconceived notion people have of us as a people b/c of what they see on TV. Its downright sickening and I wish Vh1 (along with other networks–*coughs* BET) would stop it with these shows. The audience is not laughing with us but at us. The few shows that are on that try to blacks in a more positive way always get canceled because it tries to deviate from the “norm” & also b/c people don’t support shows like this like they support Basketball Wives (oh the show gets me heated @ times).

Speaking of BET, the former owner said herself that she hated the direction BET is going. Don’t believe me? Read here then: http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-04-29/sheila-johnsons-fight-against-hiv-in-dc/

So the next time you watch these shows, view it from a different perspective–is this how I want my peers to view me and my race? and make the decision to change the channel or better yet turn the TV off and go do something productive that actually contributes to our race.