Every time I come home from school, my Dad always has to show me something that he recorded on DVR (secretly, i think he’s obsessed with it lol) that he thinks I might like. The first show was Gangland: Columbia and he laughed all the way through it b/c ppl think they are so hard in Columbia but they really aren’t. My mom was sitting their clutching her pearls like she didn’t know (still love her though) lol. Of course he recorded sport stuff that he knows that I LOVE but one weekend, he showed me a biography on a singer named Stacy Lattisaw. Now my father is the reason why I like so much music (I heard Metallica before I heard R&B–true story) and made the me music connoisseur that I am today. So I’m sitting there watching the show about her (since I’ve never heard about her) and slowly started warming up to her. She can ACTUALLY sing unlike some ppl (*coughs* Rihanna) but the think about her career is that she threw it all away at the peak of her career.


After the initial shock, I found out that she left it all behind because she refused to sellout and conform to pressures of the music industry. I guess this was the start of the ‘image over talent’ trend because it is still very heavy today. At one point in time, people actually got famous for having a gift versus not having anything to offer the world (ex. Kim Kardashian) & Stacy was one of them. You got keep in mind that this was when it was all about the voice; not the dance moves, what you wore, who you dated or any other that stuff that has become relevant today. Your talent was your gimmick.

Stacy said that growing up she was raised to keep God in everything that she did and when she was asked to certain things by her record company she kept God in mind. She said that she did not want to change not only b/c of her beliefs but also b/c she knew that her fans looked up to her & did not want them to think what she should do was acceptable—-I wish some artists would have this in the back of their heads before they do the foolish things they do. As a result of  giving up her R&B career, she is now a gospel singer and stands by her decision to leave the music business. Now this is a definition of someone who refused to sellout just to stay relevant in the music industry. I admire the fact that she made that decision because I can imagine how hard it is to step away from something that you love although its asking you to compromise your morals & values. She did have some hits though. The one song that I have heard before the show was “Love on a Two-Way Street”.

I decided to share the story of Stacy Lattisaw to show that they’re are some people who will not give in to everything for fame & fortune and keep God first. In today’s world, it is so hard to keep what you believe in the forefront but it is possible, even if it means walking out on a passion & rediscovering it again.