NOTE: This post was written Friday May 14th but I’m just now getting to post it.

Just got back from my brother’s prom & this is just wasn’t any old prom. It was a prom for teenagers who are special needs. Not to many ppl know that I have a younger brother much less a brother with an LD (learning disability) & autistic characteristics. Not so much a sensitive subject because I’m proud to be a sibling of an exceptional person. At one point in time my brother was said to have nothing higher than a third grade education and now he is about to graduate from high school & go straight into the workforce. Prom is something my brother watched me experience and I always wondered if he would ever go to his. Tonight I saw him have so much fun outside of playing video games and watching movies. He was dancing and talking to almost everyone–the life of the party (I mean look where he got it from lol). Wesley said he wants to do it again and I would take him to that and do the whole night over again. To see my brother have that much fun for 3 hours was probably the most fufilling thing in a long time.

I’m not even gonna lie, it was hard growing up not fully understanding what made my brother so different from everyone. As I got older, I learned how to accept it and embrace it. The same goes for my parents who have fought and still are fighting day in and day out for my brother to have a “normal” life after high school and I love them for it. Not to many people can take on the challenge of raising someone who is exceptional. One thing that my brother is that a lot of people are not is loving. No matter how many fights we get into (b/c we argue like regular siblings) he loves me to death. When I first went off to college, my mom told me Wesley would sleep in my bed alot because he missed me so much. Even when me & my parents get into it my brother will defend me to the end no matter how right or wrong I am. He can’t stand for me to be upset and lets everyone know lol.

Tonight was my brother’s night and I let him bask in the celebration. I love seeing my brother happy and I’ll do anything to make sure he is. So Wesley, I love you through and through. You know how much I hate SC but I will move back just to be close to you when mom & dad pass. I’ll still want your approval of the guy I like even when it’s time to for me to get married lol you always say how you feel about them. I wish more people were as loving as you. If they were more like you, the world would be a hell of alot better. You are my best friend and I love you! Our bond is stronger than any other sibling bond I know of and I cherish it everyday. Keep succeeding and proving the nay-sayers wrong! I got your back no matter what….(yes I cried writing this last part lol)

If you know nothing about LDs or autism check it out here: or