CRS (Child Rebel Soilder – Kanye, Lupe, & Pharrell)got scrapped (& i’m still a little upset about that) but a new super group is coming out:

All City Chess Club

I’m toooo geeked for a single, a mixtape, a leak, or an album to drop because all of the group members are talented (yes even Diggy shocked me). Lets hope it works though because we all know Charles Hamilton needs a second chance at a career in hip-hop (#poorliltinktink) and new comers J.Cole (on Jay-Z’s new RocNation label) & Blu could be presented to a wider audience (they are still kinda underground but can rock a crowd). If you don’t know about any of these artists….go get their mixtapes, listen to their albums or leaks—new J.Cole singe ‘Who Dat’ is FIRE, Wale’s ‘Diary’ is getting alot of play, Lupe’s album is coming, Blu’s mixtape never gets old, Asher Roth, B.O.B., The Cool Kids got ALOT of music out, Charles’s ‘Brooklyn Girls’ is hot, & Diggy’s freestyle still got me in shock —so go listen to some REAL MUSIC.