Tattoos can be a gift and curse at times. What you decide to get etched into your skin today may not be so hot 10 years from now (ex. that girl or boy’s name you “loved”). Recently I’ve seen alot of silly tattoos and I’m not gonna name any names or describe their tattoos but the ones that get on my nerves are the chest pieces. Why in the world would you get it knowing that your body isn’t gonna look the same like it did when you were in your 20’s? And this isn’t for just guys, I’ve been seeing alot of girls getting them too. Turns my stomach but some ppl do have some good tattoos. I LOVE quotes and if I ever get a tattoo, a quote is what I would get. Not my name or a bad saying from a rapper (ex. game recognize game) but a quote from a philosopher. I took Latin in high school and this is one of a few things I got out of it.

“Cogito ero sum”—-its translated “I think, therefore I am”

Pretty deep huh? I have no idea where I’d get it, the font, the size, & whatnot but that the ONLY one I want. Yes, I have heard that once you get one that you are gonna be addicted and want more but I’m sure its not that serious. I found this tattoo that would be my 2nd if I just couldn’t refrain. Yall already know who it’s by: LLLLUUUUPPPPEEEE!!!!

(its from the song ‘Gold Watch’ off of his 2nd album Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool)

NOTE: Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. I recently got at 3rd job so lol I gotta make this money honey!