Tomorrow is a special day…ITS FATHER’S DAY!!!!!! & as most of yall know, I love my Dad (or Pops as I call him from time to time). Yes I am a Daddy’s girl for life and I’m not ashamed! I’ve noticed over the years that I am really and truly blessed to have a father like mine. I read a quote one time that said “anybody can be a daddy, but it takes someone special to be a father”. Not too many ppl have a father this is as active in their lives as mine and I thank God that he is. When nobody has my back, I know my Dad will. We butt heads like every child and parent does but I’m grateful to have someone to butt heads with. Nobody makes me laugh as harder or teaches me better than my father.

One of the best gifts my Dad has given me is the gift of music. He took me to my first of many concerts (Janet Jackson in the 5th grade—the BEST birthday present ever next to my car lol), let me borrow CDs, introduced me to many artists, songs, and styles of music. So here’s a little pre-Father’s Day gift for you Dad: a live performance of one of your favorite bands of all time: Parliament.

(my Dad always says, “this was music you DANCED to!” lol)

(too bad my generation doesn’t party like this)

I love you Dad & your silly silly ways!!!!! Happy Father’s Day out there to all of the fathers!!!!