*sigh* well, I thought Christina was gonna come with it this time after taking a few years off after getting married and having a kid. Boy oh boy did she let me down. I give this album a:

3 out of 10 stars

She really tried to hard in my opinion. This album is nothing but a cheap imitation of  Lady Gaga & nobody does it Lady Gaga than Gaga herself. The ONLY songs I can fathom are the ballads (Lift Me Up, All I Need, I Am, & You Lost Me). Glam is a good song to get ready to go out to but everything else? Tragic.

Christina has some of the best vocal ranges my generation has ever witnessed—-so good that it rivals Whitney Houston’s & Mariah Carey’s (in their prime). During the obsession of pop music, she stood out because she could actually sing. Stripped was her best album to me. Back to the Basics was great too but Bionic….just a big let-down. The leading single, Not Myself Tonight, is decent in my opinion. The video?….let’s just say that she made it be known she still loves being open about her sexuality even after having a kid.  I’ve been a Christina Aguilera fan since her song in Mulan but man has she fallen from grace. Hopefully, she’ll go back to doing great ballads and better singles.

Next up: Janelle Monae’s The Archandroid & Travis McCoy’s Lazarus