Found out a few days ago that Drake moved 462,989 units last week so he completely exceeded most ppl’s expectations. The leak of the album probably helped him b/c alot of ppl downloaded the leak and decided to buy it (like guily!) But moving almost half a million copies the first week as for any artist on any # album is an achievement so congrats Drake! Now, after listening to the leak I give this album a:

8.5 out of 10

Every track is good from start to end but I wish their were more tracks, longer tracks (especially ‘CeCe’s Interlude’) and I don’t think there was a good balance of his raps & his singing. His flow couldve been a little faster or he couldve gone harder but he’s no J.Cole (ppl constantly compare them too). The central theme of the album is love, fame, success, and what he has gained and lost from them but he could’ve gone a little more into other subjects other than fame and love to make it more relatable.

EVERYBODY I mean EVERYBODY has Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ mixtape and honestly, the mixtape is so good it should be an album (yeah I said it lol). From beginning to end, its one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard and kept on my hardrive. When I heard about him dropping ‘Thank Me Later’ I automatically said that if its better than ‘So Far Gone’, this dude is gonna go far. I doubt that it would since record labels have their own agendas but he did stick to what he did on ‘So Far Gone’. I’ve been on Drake since ’07 when he did a freestyle over Lupe’s ‘Kick Push’–it was straight, not all that–and thought he would just be an underground artist but by signing to Young Money, he be came more mainstream. Hopefully this new found success won’t hinder the music and make it more watered down b/c he has alot of talent….

Next: Janelle Monae’s album entitled: The Archandroid