I know, I know….i’ve been GHOST for a few days (4 jobs do that to you) but i’m back!!!! I had a different 4th of July this year & it was better then it has been in the last few days. I went to Carowinds with a group of friends & had a blast (& got a big bruise on my knee from a rollercoaster lol)

On the ride back to SC, I was playing Paramore’s latest album, ‘Brand New Eyes’ & this song came on. As many times I’ve heard this song, I never paid attention to the lyrics until I was watching fireworks in the distant while driving. Yeah its it about love but, the lyrics are a little bit deeper then that. Just watch and listen….

FYI: the lead singer, Hayley, sings the chorus on B.o.B.’s Airplanes and this white girl CAN SING (Keyshia Cole wrecked Airples @ the BET awards in my opinion). I ❤ this band and still haven’t gone to a concert but I will before I turn 25. Check out their 3 albums: All We Know Is Falling, Riot!, & Brand New Eyes (all of them are really good).