I’m finally getting around to doing a fashion post (yay! since im a fashion head) & ‘if you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you play good’–Deion Sanders. As we all know, back to school is right around the corner & TAX FREE WEEKEND IS THIS WEEKEND lol I decided to let yall in on a trend that is going to be everywhere (guys & girls):



-love the fact the ‘fitted’ look is still in and this trend carries this by not only including fitted/slim (not skinny) jeans but also collared shirts, neutral colors (grays, blue-blacks, blacks, beige), and basic patterns are also included. Most of the materials are made out of cotton, rayon, polyester, or tweed so its good for travel and humidity. Since it is fall/winter fashion, mens coats also reflect the structured, cleaned-up, dominant look.


-good news! skinny jeans are still in but they are now being paired with neutral tops that are more flowy with basic patterns (floras are very prevalent–cheap pattern since its a recession), collared shirts with cinched waists, simple embellishments (buckles, buttons, some sequins, & zippers) & my favorite accessories–the boyfriend blazer & cardigans–are a must with this trend.

(yall see Danielle form ANTM serving it on the runway–werk!)

There is a difference between being trendy & stylish and I’m sure most of my readers know the difference. If you decide to go with trends, pick CLASSIC pieces that will last you for seasons to come. Money is tight for everybody so the worst thing you could buy is a trendy piece and never be able to wear it again. More trends to come!