In 2001, my grandmother gave me all of the family history on my paternal side for a school project (i think, can’t remember). In 2002, she passed away. I think that she knew that her time on this earth was coming to a close & gave me this plethora of information in order to keep the information accessible but also in a “passing the torch” kind of way. When I was a junior in HS, I had to do a family tree project & thankfully I had the information that she gave me. I was able to go all the way back to my great, great, great grandparents (i have a picture of them too). People spend alot of money just to go back two generations and here I am sitting with information from the late 1800s. Wow….

This weekend, my paternal side of my family is having a family reunion for the first time in about 10 years. One of my jobs has me slaving away but on Saturday, I will be presenting the family with our family history. Everybody has their family issues but I have always loved reunions. For those few days, you get to see ppl from all over who have the same blood running them that you do. My foundation is my family, my family is the core of ME (hence I called this post FaMily rEunion). My grandmother could’ve given that information to ANYONE in our family & she gave it to me. Can’t wait to make her & my grandfather proud Sat night….