After much anticipation after his first album and many mixtapes, D.C.’s rapper Wale has finally dropped a new mixtape. Continuing the ‘Seinfield’ theme, he named it ‘More About Nothing’ as a follow-up to his 2008 ‘Mixtape About Nothing’. It took me about 2 hrs to download it b/c I got it as soon as the link went up @ noon but it was well worth the wait. Now after listening to it thoroughly, I will give this mixtape a:

9 out of 10

Now mixtapes can potentially make or break your next CD & expectations of you as an artist. A mixtape is meant not only to add hype to an artist’s next project or persona but also to show their versatility as an artist. On ‘More About Nothing’, Wale does this very well with different tempos, themes, & new approaches (spoken word–‘The Problem’ & ‘The Ambitious Girl’). Something that I pay attention to are the transitions btwn tracks & the ‘Seinfeld’ interludes are hilarious and add to the track it’s introducing. The only reason why I wouldn’t give this mixtape a 10 is b/c of ‘The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands)’ track. Waka Flocka & Roscoe Dash though? Really Wale? It was borderline coonery but other than that, I also wish he could’ve gone a little harder like he did on ‘The Number Won’ (very deep track), & ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ (he used Tiger Wood’s voicemail & ESPN speech but it gets the point across). His concentration on relationships doesn’t hurt the overall tape either surprisingly.

To call yourself a music person, you have to be able to be open and receptive to different types of music. Being from the South, there are about 2 rappers (comment if you know who they are) that everybody listens to and shuts the rest of the music from all around the country out (hyphy, go-go, NY rap, Midwest, etc). I kinda stumbled upon Wale while working at Journeys & my co-worker from D.C. put me on his music & have been a fan ever since. I urge my readers to not only download this mixtape but also be open to listening to other types/genres of music…you never know who or what you might like…

Download Wale’s ‘More About Nothing’ here.

UPDATE: I will be starting a new line of blog posts dedicated to up & coming and current fashion designers FOR GUYS & GIRLS. The first up & coming fashion line post will be about (drum roll please lol): SCIFLI (coming soon!)