Well, the summer is over so its back to school I go which means…(drumroll plz) I WILL BE BLOGGING MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Get excited readers b/c I have TONS & TONS of new posts coming:
-SCI-FLI spotlight (COMING SOON!)
-More fashion posts for guys & girls
Shorter posts (I heard sometimes I write too much…im sorry, i just got alot to say lol)
-More album, mixtape, & single reviews
-Bunch of random stuff (pictures, movies, make-up, tips & tricks)
-Less coonery (hopefully lol)
-& much much more
I WILL post before the end of the week. Look out for the SCI-FLI interview/spotlight coming soon! Shout-out to Malcolm for getting excited about it lol…until the next post, follow me on twitter=> http://www.twitter.com/soooo_amazing