Earlier, I said that 2010 is the year of the ‘snitching jumpoff’ but now a whole new class of people have come to take the crown: good ol’ fashion homewreckers. The most prominent of these are Alicia Keys & Fantasia. Although there are more people (ex. Monica)  who are destroyers of good homes, these 2 have really worked my nerves.

I don’t condone affairs and cheating because nobody wins in the end. In my opinion, a marriage is something that is sacred and when other people from the outside are brought into it, it creates nothing but problems. Quite honestly, alot of famous couples make marriage look like a trend then a lifelong, loving union (i.e. Khole & Lamar, the Dream & C. Milli, Nick & Mariah, etc). Alicia & Fantasia got the NERVE to sing about love and all that good stuff when they stole someone else’s man! How hypocritical is that? I understand that when you are the higher end of the social spectrum that you can’t just date ANYBODY but does the person you pick have to be someone else’s? But its not the women’s fault, men are just as guilty. Why would let someone break up your happy home? If you have problems, you work them out with your spouse, not some girl you just met.

Me being a psychology major, I choose not to do marriage/family therapy because of mess like this. I would wanna shake these people. I can’t..I just can’t…I hope & pray that the younger generation doesn’t look at this at permissible because it isn’t. A marriage is something that GOD joined together & what God as joined together, let no man put asunder. I guess they just let that go in one ear & out the ear. Help them baby jesus….