– i hate thirsty girls

– if you traded in your BB for a Droid or an iPhone…you’re a lame but i still love you lol

– im related to Malcom X (go ahead & hate…you know you want to lol)

– im ready to graduate & Upstate is making me work too hard for this degree

– did you know that there is a Black Ivy League? (google it)

– if you wear leggings as pants, youre a lame & if you STILL sag, youre a lame

– FOOTBALL = LIFE (down south at least lol)

– twitter is still fun a year later

– hip-hop isn’t dead but rap is definitely beating the crap out of it right about now

– old couples are so cute

– this whole techno craze in R&B has GOT to stop

– if you haven’t ready The Autobiography of Malcolm X , The Souls of Black Folk, or Invisible Man..put that on your bucket list

– dior has the BEST perfume ever

– College Pointe is a running all the way out

– i love blogging

SIDENOTE: I am working on compiling together the interview I did on SCi-FLi & a bunch of other posts so bear with me…school/work/internship is ruling my life right now