Remember the ???? post? Well, here is what those hearts were all about. This is something new I’m trying on here: a designer spotlight–via Skype lol–interview featuring the designers and random but informing questions. Let me know if yall want more of these!!! Here it goes….

Winton (wasn’t present)–he is the mind behind the designs
(all are students at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA)

So how did it all start?
T: our team was assembled in a night while the name & logo came about shortly
How did the name come about?
T: the name came to me one night around 2 AM
M: yeah we’re big on acronyms–>S(ocially)C(onscious)I(individual)-F(ulfilling)L(ife’s)I(magination
Any ego clashing?
T & M: oh no! our egos didn’t & still don’t clash..we have an emphasis on teamwork
What are your influences?
T & M: sounds, space, Pharrell & his BBC line, music, technology, & advancement
What was your marketing strategy to get SCi-FLi off the ground?
T: we needed something to promote our plans so we thought of hearts since Valentine’s Day was coming up. we decided to unveil the product @ the V-Day auction on campus & gave out the pins for free (they had a video that spread the word of them giving out the product too–it’s on FB)
What are the cost of SCi-FLi products?
T & M:
-$10 for basic design/standard pins
-$15 for custom design pins
-$20 for shirts
-$30 for sweatshirts
Being that you are college students, have you ever have to make any sacrifices?
M: little to no social life (everyone laughs) but yeah the social life that you’re supposed to get in college has basically been put to the side. we’re also not as involved on campus as others but we do get involved some
T: yeah we all have jobs outside of our company so all of the profits we gain go right back into the business, we aren’t doing this for the money but because we have a passion for our company and what it stands for
Oh wow, what keeps your team going?
M: positive outlook, learning experience, music; basically we know that it will all be worth it in the end once we see the finished product
T: what the future holds & the fact that we never had any negative outlooks
Any future plans (during college, post-college)?
T & M: in the next 6 months we plan to put out 3-8 more products, 2 shirt designs but in 3 years we plane on cardigans, gummi bears (very innovative), more patches, more involved on campus, sweartshirts & hats
Very big plans! Will you be marketing to more buyers (females, kids, older people)?
T & M: oh yeah! its suitable for everyone…it’s universal just like SCi-FLi
How do you want to be remembered?
M: as people who made a change in the world…a clothing line is just the beginning…we plan on making a change through our organization & to change people’s perception of our generation
Thank guys! I gotta come get my pin ASAP!
T & M: thanx for interviewing us! we had fun

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