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All I gotta say is: #shotsfired lol pretty good though, makes you think too….



he’s baaack!!!!! lol this guy is too funny!

this dude has made a fan out of me boy!

Well, the summer is over so its back to school I go which means…(drumroll plz) I WILL BE BLOGGING MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Get excited readers b/c I have TONS & TONS of new posts coming:
-SCI-FLI spotlight (COMING SOON!)
-More fashion posts for guys & girls
Shorter posts (I heard sometimes I write too much…im sorry, i just got alot to say lol)
-More album, mixtape, & single reviews
-Bunch of random stuff (pictures, movies, make-up, tips & tricks)
-Less coonery (hopefully lol)
-& much much more
I WILL post before the end of the week. Look out for the SCI-FLI interview/spotlight coming soon! Shout-out to Malcolm for getting excited about it lol…until the next post, follow me on twitter=>

Every wonder what is up with all of these jumpoffs coming out of the woodwork lately? Thanx to Karrine Steffans (SuperHead) and her 3 books, the groupies got some courage in this new decade. The most infamous one nowadays is this random chick named Kat Stacks.
Although I believe that she is a pathological liar, she keeps popping up with videos, tweets, texts about celebrities (Chopper from Da Band shouldn’t even be in that category) that she had allegedy slept with. Hopefully she goes away as quickly as she came and gets some help. The most infamous cases of jumpoffs humpin’ and tellin’ is poor Tiger Woods. Boy those white girls let him HAVE IT & know he is paying for it. Beside them, there are more and more girls that are coming out saying they did this and they slept with this person and this that and the third. Here’s my question: WHEN DID HO’EING AROUND GET CUTE & POPULAR?!?! Everybody has something that they are good at (good and bad) and if youre thing happens to be talking semi-important guys into sleeping with you, then do you boo boo but keep it on the hush. If you’re gonna do it, keep it in the closet. No one likes a girl that will kiss (& everything in between) and tell.