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All I gotta say is: #shotsfired lol pretty good though, makes you think too….



Last night at 8pm, MTV, BET, VH1, & MTV2 premiered the latest video/film for one of my favorite artist, Kanye West. I tried to not be bias and be like ‘its the best thing ever!’ since I am a fan of his work but it really was good. I like the abstract artistic approach to it that he took—yes, he directed it & Hype Williams shot it—its really in a class of its own. The one part that was kinda random was the paper mache Micheal Jackson head that was shown during the fireworks scene. o_O was my reaction lol. Hopefully, he’ll explain that later. My favorite part was the actual performance of the first single off of the album ‘Runaway’.

Of course I love the song buy yall know the ballerinas did it in for me since I am one myself. No choreography was a good choice and made the song appeal to a more emotional side then just what you heard on the surface. Selita Ebanks was GORGEOUS as the Phoenix but the dialogue feel flat. The less they spoke, the better it was lol. Of course ppl automatically jumped on the ‘Illuminati’ train right after the video was over & I thought I was gonna be right there with them but saw the artistic side of it. Not too many artists put that much thought into their work (musically anyway) and the video is often an extension of the song that the artists is performing. Kanye put alot of thought into the video and it didn’t hurt that we heard other songs off of the album (the 2nd song with Kid Cudi singing the hook is my favorite, ‘All of the Lights’ is a close 2nd). So for this video/film, I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Go support REAL music on Nov. 22nd and buy Kanye’s new album ‘My Dark Twisted Fantasy’….


Stumbled across a movie trailer that caught my attention because it’s about being yourself while staying true to your religion. Since 9/11 American who practice Islam (Muslims) have been singled out and discriminated against. This movie tells the story of an African-American family dealing with the issue post-9/11. I really wanna see this movie if they get it to SC. Enjoy….WATCH IN HD!!!!

My dude Kanye performed his new song ‘Runaway’ last night w/ VA emcee Pusha T at the 2010 MTV VMAs. I happened to find the video of the performance so here it is before they take it down! Hopefully he will release the song in the next few days or weeks or something….this was the BEST performance last night at the VMAs by the way (in my opinion lol)

SN: Yall know I was geeked over the ballerinas being on stage lol i miss the stage soooo much

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago b/c not only did it catch my eye, by tugged at my heart strings. Everyone knows that I have a brother who is special needs & I love him more then anything. It takes a special kind of person to be able to deal with the demands that a special needs child or adult requires. This story however shows what can happen when it is just too much to handle on little resources & little support. Here’s the story:

The night before a Bronx mom killed her 12-year-old autistic son and took her own life, she posted a heart-wrenching prayer on her blog saying her life was in God’s hands.”I sincerely repent of my sins, and receive Jesus as my personal savior,” Michaela Jackson wrote on It’s Mick’s World. “Now as your child, I turn my entire life over to you. Amen.”It was the final, fateful entry on the 37-year-old Jackson’s blog, which included photos from a Friday post showing her dancing happily with her son, Kenneth Holmes. Jackson and her son were found dead Wednesday in the bed of their Morris Heights apartment. Both had gunshot wounds to the head and a 9-mm. pistol lay nearby.Investigators believe Jackson was strained by the demands of caring for her only child. She left an anguished suicide note explaining her unthinkable actions, police said yesterday.”There’s a note that says that, in essence, she was overwhelmed by the child,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.”I’m sorry it had to end this way,” Jackson wrote in the note found taped to the inside of the Loring Place apartment’s bedroom door, said a police source. It ended with the words, “I love you all.”She also left additional notes with contact information of people who should be informed of her and her son’s death, including the boy’s father, school and her workplace.”Regardless of whatever happened, she loved him,” said the boy’s devastated father, Kenneth Holmes Sr., 35, a maintenance manager.Holmes wasn’t married to Jackson but remained close to her and had custody of his son every other weekend. He dropped off the boy at his mother’s home Sunday.”Everything was fine,” he said.”It cuts deep,” he said. “I’m thankful for the 12 years he was here on the planet, and the opportunities I had to talk with him and love him and be with him.”Jackson had recently been promoted at Montefiore Medical Center and had tickets to go on vacation in Jamaica next weekend, leaving family and friends dumbfounded by her actions.”She worked her way up from a very starting-level position, and was promoted now to a research assistant,” said Steve Osborne, a Montefiore spokesman. “Everyone loved her.”Friends and neighbors said there were no signs Jackson was about to snap.”She was a wonderful mother,” said Erica Deaver, 50, a longtime family friend. “She’d stand in front of a moving truck or a bullet for him.”Jackson’s uncle Anthony Cole, 52, a maintenance worker from Morris Park, said the family was struggling to find answers.”This is a tragedy and it hit home,” Cole said. “It hit everybody hard.”

Earlier, I said that 2010 is the year of the ‘snitching jumpoff’ but now a whole new class of people have come to take the crown: good ol’ fashion homewreckers. The most prominent of these are Alicia Keys & Fantasia. Although there are more people (ex. Monica)  who are destroyers of good homes, these 2 have really worked my nerves.

I don’t condone affairs and cheating because nobody wins in the end. In my opinion, a marriage is something that is sacred and when other people from the outside are brought into it, it creates nothing but problems. Quite honestly, alot of famous couples make marriage look like a trend then a lifelong, loving union (i.e. Khole & Lamar, the Dream & C. Milli, Nick & Mariah, etc). Alicia & Fantasia got the NERVE to sing about love and all that good stuff when they stole someone else’s man! How hypocritical is that? I understand that when you are the higher end of the social spectrum that you can’t just date ANYBODY but does the person you pick have to be someone else’s? But its not the women’s fault, men are just as guilty. Why would let someone break up your happy home? If you have problems, you work them out with your spouse, not some girl you just met.

Me being a psychology major, I choose not to do marriage/family therapy because of mess like this. I would wanna shake these people. I can’t..I just can’t…I hope & pray that the younger generation doesn’t look at this at permissible because it isn’t. A marriage is something that GOD joined together & what God as joined together, let no man put asunder. I guess they just let that go in one ear & out the ear. Help them baby jesus….

YAAASSSSS!!! Lupe has dropped the full version of ‘Go To Sleep’!!!! Talk about metaphors b/c they are everywhere in this song!!!!! The link for the lyrics is below so listen & enjoy! (the second verse is my fav)