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All I gotta say is: #shotsfired lol pretty good though, makes you think too….



This song has got to be one of my favorite songs of all time, along with the band. Enjoy….(& be open to different genres of music)

– i hate thirsty girls

– if you traded in your BB for a Droid or an iPhone…you’re a lame but i still love you lol

– im related to Malcom X (go ahead & hate…you know you want to lol)

– im ready to graduate & Upstate is making me work too hard for this degree

– did you know that there is a Black Ivy League? (google it)

– if you wear leggings as pants, youre a lame & if you STILL sag, youre a lame

– FOOTBALL = LIFE (down south at least lol)

– twitter is still fun a year later

– hip-hop isn’t dead but rap is definitely beating the crap out of it right about now

– old couples are so cute

– this whole techno craze in R&B has GOT to stop

– if you haven’t ready The Autobiography of Malcolm X , The Souls of Black Folk, or Invisible Man..put that on your bucket list

– dior has the BEST perfume ever

– College Pointe is a running all the way out

– i love blogging

SIDENOTE: I am working on compiling together the interview I did on SCi-FLi & a bunch of other posts so bear with me…school/work/internship is ruling my life right now

Well, I gave in & got a tumblr—->….a whole bunch of randomness so go take a look-see!

Stumbled across a movie trailer that caught my attention because it’s about being yourself while staying true to your religion. Since 9/11 American who practice Islam (Muslims) have been singled out and discriminated against. This movie tells the story of an African-American family dealing with the issue post-9/11. I really wanna see this movie if they get it to SC. Enjoy….WATCH IN HD!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been posting again ya’ll….im too busy with work & school but I will be back at it very soon. Just finished my first blog interview with the guys over at SCi-FLi & it will be coming soon! Until then, enjoy some REAL hip-hop….

My dude Kanye performed his new song ‘Runaway’ last night w/ VA emcee Pusha T at the 2010 MTV VMAs. I happened to find the video of the performance so here it is before they take it down! Hopefully he will release the song in the next few days or weeks or something….this was the BEST performance last night at the VMAs by the way (in my opinion lol)

SN: Yall know I was geeked over the ballerinas being on stage lol i miss the stage soooo much