Last night at 8pm, MTV, BET, VH1, & MTV2 premiered the latest video/film for one of my favorite artist, Kanye West. I tried to not be bias and be like ‘its the best thing ever!’ since I am a fan of his work but it really was good. I like the abstract artistic approach to it that he took—yes, he directed it & Hype Williams shot it—its really in a class of its own. The one part that was kinda random was the paper mache Micheal Jackson head that was shown during the fireworks scene. o_O was my reaction lol. Hopefully, he’ll explain that later. My favorite part was the actual performance of the first single off of the album ‘Runaway’.

Of course I love the song buy yall know the ballerinas did it in for me since I am one myself. No choreography was a good choice and made the song appeal to a more emotional side then just what you heard on the surface. Selita Ebanks was GORGEOUS as the Phoenix but the dialogue feel flat. The less they spoke, the better it was lol. Of course ppl automatically jumped on the ‘Illuminati’ train right after the video was over & I thought I was gonna be right there with them but saw the artistic side of it. Not too many artists put that much thought into their work (musically anyway) and the video is often an extension of the song that the artists is performing. Kanye put alot of thought into the video and it didn’t hurt that we heard other songs off of the album (the 2nd song with Kid Cudi singing the hook is my favorite, ‘All of the Lights’ is a close 2nd). So for this video/film, I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Go support REAL music on Nov. 22nd and buy Kanye’s new album ‘My Dark Twisted Fantasy’….